Documenting our journey as a PYP school within Rocky View Schools

October Update

Hello! Welcome to the PYP at PWE blog! As the PYP coordinator, one of my responsibilities is to keep you up to date with the happenings at our school as we journey towards becoming an authorized IB PYP school.

The startup of our new school year has been quite successful! All of our grade teams are working in their first Unit of Inquiry, which will be wrapping up next week. We have made many connections to members of our community and outside organizations already within the first six weeks of school. Some examples include the grade two’s inviting in Deanne Mary Allen, an author who talked to the students about the writing process and what it takes to create a story; The grade five’s invited in the Chestermere Town Planners to talk about what the town is doing to protect the wetlands in the area around Chestermere as it continues to grow; The grade four’s have gone on a nature walk around the school area to observe the grasslands that surround our community; The grade three’s have welcomed in speakers from organizations such as CAWST, Canadian Red Cross and Right to Play to talk about the form (how it is structured) and function (what is the purpose) of their organizations. Making connections outside of the school walls is critical to our students developing a deeper understanding that their actions and learning are tied to the larger world around them.

A couple successes that we have been celebrating:

  1. All grade teams have written their 6 Unit of Inquiry planners, which means we have a fully completed Programme of Inquiry up on display in the Common Area of our school.
  2. The vast majority of our new teachers have already received their Category 1 – Introduction to the PYP training. They were invited by the Edmonton Catholic School District to travel to Edmonton to participate in a school-based training workshop that they were hosting for the teachers in their district.

A few of the rocks that we continue to navigate around:

  1. Continuing to revise, edit and improve our planners for each of the Units of Inquiry. These are living documents that our staff are working to reflect upon and improve on a regular basis – This is being addressed through weekly collaborative team meetings with grade teams and myself.
  2. Developing our assessment and language policies. – We have committees formed to dive deep into the creation of these documents.
  3. Incorporating more inquiry-based instructional methods into our classrooms. – Many teachers have made this the focus of their Community of Practice for the year.

Our entire school staff have been very dedicated and they have done a LOT of hard work in the past year to get us to where we are currently at in our journey! I look forward to adding to our list of successes to be celebrated in my next update!

~ Jen


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