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February Update

Things have really started to kick into high-gear here at Prairie Waters since our return from the winter Break! At the end of January, we were given access to the Application for Authorization by the IB. The fully completed application is due April 1st. Once our application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by consultants with the IBO, and will either be accepted or returned with recommendations for additional information to be provided. With all of the intensive effort we are putting in to completing all of the required components, we’re hoping it will be accepted right away!!

Two of the key pieces that we are working on creating right now are our School Language Policy and our School Assessment Policy. Each has it’s own committee formed to partake in professional reading to learn about and/or research best practices, consult with other staff members to get feedback and perspectives and to draft the Policy documents.

Our Language committee consists of classroom teachers, learning support team members, our pedagogical leadership team (Principal, Assistant Principal, PYP Coordinator), and parents. This committee is charged with documenting Prairie Waters’ language philosophy, language profile, practices for language development employed in our building (Including French Immersion, FSL and ESL), resources available to support all areas of language development (including Mother Tongue) and Essential Agreements that all stakeholders agree to in regards to our Language Policy.

Our Assessment Committee consists of classroom teachers and our pedagogical leadership team. This committee is charged with documenting Prairie Waters’ assessment philosophy, purposes for assessment, principles of assessment and assessment practices that are utilized at our school.

Both committee’s meet regularly to discuss, add to and modify our policy documents based on feedback that we receive from staff members and parents. By the time Spring Break rolls around, we will have both policies completed – with the understanding that both are considered working documents, that will be reviewed annually to ensure proper revisions and additions are made to maintain a progressive, forward-thinking attitude toward both our language and assessment practices at Prairie Waters that are in line with RVS and IBO. Both policies will be posted on our school website and will be made available to parents and all staff members. Stay tuned to see the final product soon!

We have all been working tirelessly towards achieving all of these requirements for the PYP, and are looking forward to a very well-deserved break next week!



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