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April Update

As our school year begins to wind down here at Prairie Waters, one cannot help but notice all of the amazing things our students have done over the past 8 months to demonstrate their understanding about international mindedness, action, and displaying the attributes of the Learner Profile.  Just a few of the more recent events include:

–       Hair Massacure: Where more than $3000.00 was raised towards supporting children facing life-threatening illnesses (and where we saw a lot of pink hair among students to show their support, and a bald Mr. Siemens!)

–       We Create Change: Where 15 bags of pennies were collected in kindergarten (with the support of many students and staff at Prairie Waters). Each of those bags of pennies is enough to provide clean water to one person in the world for the rest of their life.

–       Right To Play: Where the grade three’s were generous enough to provide support for one child somewhere in the world to receive access to a weekly program where they will be able to play and learn for an entire year.

–       Pitch In: Where all students lent a helping hand to make our community a cleaner place. Each grade got outside to do their part in picking up the litter in and around our neighbourhood.

–       Culture Fair: Where students and families participated in learning about and celebrating the huge diversity of cultures that are represented at Prairie Waters. Our Culture Fair club worked diligently to promote the day and have even begun to share greetings with the whole school in their mother tongue during our morning announcements.

–       Pink Shirt Day: Where students took a stance against bullying and showed their support by dressing in pink shirts. Money raised from the purchase of pink shirts goes towards supporting local boys and girls clubs.

–       Energy Fair: Where grade 5 students shared their knowledge with other students in the school on alternative energy sources that will help us create a better, more sustainable world for generations to come.

We are so lucky to have such an action-oriented student and staff population here at Prairie Waters! We are so proud of our students for all of their efforts toward making our world (both local and global) a better place. And if you haven’t done so yet, please be sure to check out our school blog to read all about what is important to our students and what is going on at our school. The authors would love to have comments on their contributions!

Please also check out our school Facebook page to have a look at the photo album of our Culture Fair! It was a terrific day!

~ Jen



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