Documenting our journey as a PYP school within Rocky View Schools

September Update

What exciting (and busy) times we’ve got going here at Prairie Waters! September has seen the completion of 2 of the most prominent display boards in our school. Our new Programme of Inquiry board – moved from the Common Area to a larger space to make it more visible.


and our Attribute/Attitude board to show that Prairie Waters is THE place to grow!


Attitudes are the roots of us. These are things that we show on a daily basis towards other people and ourselves:


Attributes are what sprout, and what we become as we learn and grow:


We’ve also been busy setting up each classroom with a class blog (through Rocky View’s School Blogs: Check out a sample of one of the fantastic blogs that we’ve got going.) as another avenue of communication of the goings-on in our classrooms with our families. On top of that, we’ve set up individual student portfolios through School Blogs, and we hope to have those up and running with students in the next month. These collections of artefacts of learning that the students put together will be a powerful reflective tool for students to access, as well as allow parents to follow along on their child’s journey of learning.

It needs to be stated here, that in the chaotic whirlwind of start-up, we have had AMAZING support from the learning specialists for technology and the technical support team. Even though they have a full-plate themselves, they always took the time to help us out when we needed it to get these blogs and portfolios up and running. So, a huge THANK YOU to the support that we’ve been provided by the division. It is much appreciated!

Already this year, we’ve had a lot of Professional Learning going on. Some of our Grade 5 teachers have been to the PYP Exhibition training, to prepare and inform them of how the Exhibition works, and provide them with resources and connections as we begin our journey into bringing the Exhibition to Prairie Waters. We also have 3 teachers participating in an online workshop for the next 6 weeks to learn more about Inquiry, and what it looks like in the PYP. Furthermore, our new staff who have joined our team this year will be headed to LA in October to take their Introduction to the PYP Curriculum Model training. To further our Professional Learning as a whole staff, we’ve also started an Instructional Technology blog as a space for staff to collaborate and learn about different tech tools that can be implemented in the class to enhance learning experiences as well as ensure that we are creating Universal Learning Environments for all of our students. Already, some of these tools and apps have been put to use in the class!

We have reviewed our Language Policy as a staff, and brainstormed ideas for how to add to our Language Policy to ensure that it is as thorough and concise as it can be. We’ve also scheduled our parent information evening for Wednesday October 9 to discuss and share information about the PYP, as well as Rocky View’s new Communication of Student Learning. We’re hoping for a large turnout!

October brings another busy month for us. We are anxiously awaiting our Authorization Visit, which will take place on Monday October 21 and Tuesday October 22. Our visiting team will spend time touring the school, observing classrooms, looking at student work, talking with the teachers, librarian, specialist teachers, administrators, coordinator and parents to determine if the standards and practices of the Primary Years Programme have been fully integrated into our learning community. Everybody has worked SO hard to develop the programme, and we are eager (and nervous!) to finally be at the point of possible Authorization! Wish us luck!

~ Jen


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