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October Update

Yesterday marked the end of our Authorization visit. We had 3 wonderful ladies, who are very knowledgeable and experienced in the IB Primary Years Programme in to observe and report on our implementation of the Standards and Practices of the IB. They provided us with lots of valuable feedback, both commendations and next steps and we are very excited to add these to our Action Plan as we continue to delve deeper into our understanding and practice in the PYP.

Now that they have departed, they will submit their report to the IB’s Authorizing/Governing body, who will review our report and make make some official commendations and matters to address. Based on those, there are 3 possible outcomes for our Authorization:

1. Authorization is granted and the school is informed in a letter from the IBO director general. The school may be required to complete further teacher training, to improve some facilities for resources, and so on. In such cases these will be listed in the director general’s letter as “matters to be addressed” and the school will be required to send a report to the regional office by a certain date. Also, the school will receive a letter from the regional director, indicating the commendations and recommendations, based on the visiting team’s report.

2. Authorization is postponed if there are matters to attend to which involve significant changes, but it is obvious that the school is committed and has a specific plan in place to accommodate the deficiencies. Upon fulfillment of the necessary conditions, the school is required to submit, by a specified date, an extensive report to the appropriate regional office and, in some cases, a return visit at the school’s expense will be scheduled. If the IBO is satisfied that the conditions have ben successfully met, authorization is granted.

3. The school is not granted authorization to offer the Primary Years Programme. The school administration and staff are not adequately prepared to deliver the programme. It will be the decision of the school community whether the school will continue to prepare for authorization to offer the PYP or not.

This process can take between 4 to 6 months, so we are hoping to hear sometime in 2014, before the end of this school year.

Prairie Waters has an amazing staff and parent base, where everyone is fully committed to putting our students at the centre of the learning process. Everyone has worked their very hardest and is on the path to transforming our learning environments to ensure that our students are prepared to enter a world that looks significantly different than it did in past generations. We are confident that we’re on our way, and that we’ll make a terrific PYP school!

Now we eagerly wait to hear the results…


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