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What does a PYP Classroom at PWE look like?

Part of our feedback from our site visitors back in October was that they didn’t see consistency across classes when it came to our classrooms looking like PYP classrooms – but, what does a PYP classroom look like at Prairie Waters? Today we are going to collaborate and do a sample, mini inquiry into this question with the end goal of generating an Essential Agreement for what a PWE PYP classroom looks like.

Tuning In Tuning In – What do we already know? What do we want to find out?

What do we know about Essential Agreements? What do we know about the elements of PYP that should be visible in our classrooms? Click on the link to access our Padlet Wall to share your knowledge.

Finding OutFinding Out – Learning something new

Take a look at this video, created by a PYP school to explain their Essential Agreement about what a PYP classroom should look like:

Click on the link to read McKinley School’s Essential Agreement

Take a look at this document that was created by another school

PYP Classroom

Finding Out 8Sorting out – Show what you know / Going further – I want to know more

We’re going to combine the next 2 steps in the inquiry cycle, just due to time. Head on over to our Today’s Meet chat, and share a bit about what else you think should be included in a PYP classroom after taking a look at some other Essential Agreements. Do you still have questions, or want to know more? Share those on our chat as well!

Tuning In 2

Reflecting – Think about…

Jot down a few of your reflections on our Google Form

Take Action – What can I do to make it better?

Let’s discuss and create our Essential Agreement for what a PYP classroom looks like at Prairie Waters.

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