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March 20 Professional Learning Day

Welcome to our Professional Learning Day! Today we will be digging deep into our Self Study. But before we can do that, we need to reacquaint ourselves with the Self Study process and our groups. It will be a day full of discussion, collaboration, celebration and looking ahead!

See our outline for the day Here


Part 1 – Warm UP!

Vanity License Plates

Warm Up

Part 2 – Show What You Know Scope & Sequence

As our students progress through the PYP, we are helping them scaffold and construct their knowledge and understanding not only on curricular material, but also on the skills and tools they have available for them to show what they know. Teachers on the PL committee have expressed a desire to create a more formalized Scope & Sequence for Prairie Waters in terms of the ways students can demonstrate their understanding using a variety of tools at developmentally appropriate stages. This will help ensure that by the time they enter Grade 5 and their Exhibition year, they will come fully prepared with an arsenal of tools at their fingertips for how they may share their learning with a broad audience. We will spend some time digging into the ways students can show what they know, and then begin creating a vertical Scope and Sequence; so each grade will know what tools students have had exposure to in the previous years in order to continually build up the students’ toolboxes.

Spend some time looking at the links and images provided below. Discuss with your team the strategies and tools which you think would be useful to integrate and apply to your current units. Jot them down! We will then have a large-group discussion to start building our Scope and Sequence.

72 creative ways for students to show what they know

60 things students can create to demonstrate what they know

Blooms Taxonomy wheel of pedagogy

Show What You Know Infographic

Show What You Know



Part 3 – Classroom Walkabouts

Let’s get up and stretch our legs (and our brains) and visit a couple classrooms!

Part 4 – Getting Reacquainted with Self Study

We’ll spend a few minutes reviewing the Parent Survey we had available at the last three-way conferences – and the resulting action that has come from the responses

Then we’ll shift to looking at our tasks for the day with our Self Study Groups

  • Gather evidence (physical digital evidence, or writing notes on evidence that you deem significant and valuable through your conversations with your group)
  • Write a description on the major achievements you believe we’ve made in the standard that you are focusing on over the past 4 years
  • Identify a final consensus on the level of implementation of the standard you are focusing on
  • Provide evidence of achievement or working towards the current items on our action plan that are related to your standard
  • Are there areas of your standard that you think are important for us to address in our Action plan moving forward over the next 5 years? If so, please write them into the Action Plan document that is in your working folder in Google Drive. Please be picky about this…what are the Major areas for growth? (our action plan needs to be manageable!)

Brain Break!

Get moving with Alanna! Visit the vanity plates and see if you can guess whose is whose!

Group Collaboration Time!

Get together with your group and start delving into your Self Study work using the checklist above.

11:45 – LUNCH TIME!

Enjoy some eats, go check out the vanity plates if you haven’t done so, revisit the Show What You Know Scope & Sequence to make further additions, meet with your team to continue working on completing your planners.

12:45 – Reconvene in the Learning Commons

Viewing of the Induction Video

Part 5 – Open forum for questions or seeking input from other staff on your section of the Standards and Practices

Questions? Not sure about a section of the questionnaire? Need input from others about what to include in your evidence? Now’s the time to get them out there!

Part 6 – Group Collaboration Time!

The remainder of the day is yours to work with your groups to complete your Standards and Practice evaluation. The goal is by our next PL day together, you will have completed your section so we may have a group share out day to ensure we have included everything we want to share with the IB when they come for their visitation days in the fall.




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