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Student created central ideas

This week has been busy as Grade 5 students have been brainstorming potential Central Ideas (CI) of our Exhibition Unit of Inquiry, under the Theme: Who We Are. The last few years we’ve asked our Grade 5 students to create the CI to encourage their student voice and ownership of the process in Exhibition.

We began by learning about the elements to consider when creating a CI. After viewing several different examples of CI’s, students discussed the important concepts that are evident in each CI.

From here, students were in small groups and began creating concept maps under the theme of Who We Are. They were asked to identify important conceptual elements from this theme and once they had several concepts identified, they used those to help create their first drafts of their CIs.

Developing a Central Idea

The gift of time was evident as students were able to discuss and share their thoughts, receive support from various teachers that were circulating in their learning space and they eventually chose ONE CI that they would put forth to the rest of the grade 5 students to gather feedback and edits.

v1 Central idea creation

After a quick body and wellness break, the students put on their constructive feedback hats. Using sticky notes, they circulated to all of the newly created CI’s and gave their constructive critiques and feedback on the statements in order for groups to improve upon their CI’s in their second iteration.

After the group received some critical feedback, they evaluated and discussed common themes and what pieces of advice they would adhere to. They took suggestions from their peers and made any appropriate edits. This second iteration of their CI’s were shared with their own class the following day. As a larger group, they discussed the pros and cons of each CI and eventually voted for the top pick from their class to enter into the final vote for all of grade 5. The 3 final Central Ideas will be voted on tomorrow to determine what the Central Idea will be at the PYP Exhibition (#pwex18). Stay tuned to find out what the Central Idea will be for our Exhibition journey.

CI survey final vote

Follow along in the grade 5s journey through our #pwex18 blog.


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