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Grade 1 PYP at PWE Cafe Chat

Next up in our PYP Cafe Chat podcast series is our remarkable Grade 1 team! Mrs. James, Ms. Mrak, Mrs. Schiltz and Mr. Morey sat down to talk about their priorities, passions and pursuits in education (spoiler alert – I think you’d ALL like to be students in their playful classrooms!). Grab your tea, coffee, hot chocolate or whatever your cafe drink of choice may be, curl up and listen to these incredible educators share their insights.

We encourage you to leave comments once you’ve had a chance to listen to the podcast to keep the conversation going! For your reference – the school that Jeff talks about, Opal School, is based in Portland, Oregon, and most of our staff have had the opportunity to travel to it in order to engage in professional learning around playful inquiry.

Happy listening!


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