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December Update

During one of our recent staff meetings, we talked about the importance of sharing our ‘wonderings’ with each other. This would allow for our colleagues to see what other staff members are wondering, and perhaps provide some opportunity to work together to potentially solve those wonderings. We have so much knowledge and passionate expertise on our staff, and we want to be able to ensure that everyone can tap into that knowledge so we all become more successful.

This discussion led to the creation of a staff Wonder Wall – we have these walls in our classrooms for our students to pose their questions, so why wouldn’t we do that as adults as well? In our staff room, we’ve reserved one of our whiteboards for burning questions or sharing of Ah-ha’s.

Currently on our staff Wonder Wall, there is this blog┬áby Sam Sherratt, a fellow PYP educator. The question is, “what can we do to get our kids to CARE?” Now, I must admit – and maybe I’m biased – we’ve got a pretty caring little bunch of students here at Prairie Waters. However, when it comes to the action component of the PYP, it’s important for children to have some type of investment in or curiosity about an experience in order to want to take some action, and do something to better their world. So how do we do that?

Our environmental education committee has met since they returned from the ACEE/RVS Environmental Ed. Cohort and we are looking at planning our outdoor classroom space to begin getting our students outdoors more often, to explore the wonder of the natural habitat on our school grounds. We feel that this would be a great starting point to get our kids to start caring more, questioning more, wondering more and observing more. Even though there’s snow on the ground – there’s plenty of opportunity outside for students to be immersed in the wonders of this season. We’re very excited at the potential, and look forward to continuing our partnership with RVS in making our outdoor learning space dreams a reality in the New Year!

From everyone here at PWE – We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday break and a happy New Year!



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