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Happy New Year!

January was a month for Prairie Waters to think about and set some goals in how they were going to challenge themselves or try something new! This was to celebrate the Learner Profile Attribute of being a risk-taker – being courageous and giving something a go, even if you don’t know how. Each month, we have an Attribute Graffiti wall, posted at the front of our school. We encourage our students, staff and parents to contribute to our wall. This month, we had lots of contributions! IMG_2488

We’ve also been working through the IB’s pilot program called Curriculum Connections. It’s very exciting to know that we are working towards enhancing and deepening our understanding of the elements of the IB PYP model, and how we can make our Programme of Inquiry as dynamic and authentic as possible for all of our learners. We are working with another PYP Coordinator who calls Millarville Community School home. She is guiding and supporting us as we work through our Programme of Inquiry review. We are very enthusiastic to see the end results of our year long collaboration with her!

Our learning commons is also starting to come together! We’ve gotten some seating and some shelving starting to come together, as well as projectors hung on the walls, TV’s and Apple TV’s purchased, an iPad cart with devices loaded with creative apps that can connect to any of the projectors or TV’s in the Learning Commons space, a green screen kit, and conversations started as to how we will organize our library collection to make it most user friendly and inviting for our students to begin to use the space in collaborative, creative and more independent ways. Stay tuned as this space continues to evolve and come together over the coming months!


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